""Ladnun is a Tehsil Headquarter in Nagaur District. It is the City of Jain Temples and one of the most visited pilgrim place of Jain community after Shri Mahaveerji. Ladnun is famous for Jain Vishva Bharati University, Jain Temples of exquisite marble work, Old Dargah of Omarshah Peer and Other old temples of pilgrimage and architectural importance. This city is also famous for the birth place of sacred Jain Muni Aacharya Tulsi. The excursions from Landnun within 15-20 kms are Dungar Balaji, Salasar Balaji Dham, Tirupati Balaji at Sujangarh.

Jain Vishva Bharati

LADNUNJain Vishva Bharati Institute is committed to provide highest quality of educational services to the utmost satisfaction of the students and give them an opportunity to cultivate an integrated personality backed by spirituality and moral values. The practice of pragmatic principles such as anekant, non-violence, tolerance and peaceful co-existence are the noble ideals of this University.

"Ladnun has many Historic pilgrims. A place that gave white stone in making of TAJMAHAL. AN ANCIANT PLACE OF MARVELLOUS HAVELIS AND BEAUTIUL NARROW STREETS."

How to reach Ladnun:
  • By Bus all Major city of rajsthan jaipur,Jodhpur,Bikaner,Udiapur even Delhi is direct bus service for Ladnun
  • By Train From Delhi/Jaipur/Howrah /Indore/Varansi/Puri-you will get Down at Degan Jn. of Delhi _jaipur-Jodhpur BG.Section and from Degana jn. Degana to Ratangarh/Churu/Sadulpur-MG Train is Running in this section Ladnun is situated
  • By Air nearest airport is Jaipur/Jodhpur/Delhi


Anonymous said...

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अतुल said...


How can I reach Ladnun from Delhi?
Pls says the time and bus stand of delhi from where I cud start my journey.

I have to go to Ladnun on 9th of march night.

Pls send detail to my email


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