The World's Largest Monolythic Statue

World’s Largest Monolithic Statue!

The world’s largest monolithic statue is situated on a hill at Shravanbelgola, a place in Hassan district of Karnataka, India. The statue is 58 feet high, in standing position and carved in a single piece of granite stone. It was carved in 10th century C.E. by Chaamundraay, Prime Minister and General of Gang dynasty.

The statue is very magnificent, attractive and clean-cut. Every part of the statue is in accurate proportion.

The statue belongs to Lord Bahubali, a son of Rishabh and younger brother of Bharat. These persons are prehistoric and lots of references to them are found in many Jain and Hindu scriptures. According to them, Rishabh was the first forefather of all Kshatriyas (Warriors) Bharat was the first Chakravarti (mythical emperor) of India. Bahubali rebelled against Bharat, defeated him and then became a naked ascetic.

In recent decades, the statue has become world famous as many travelers from around the world are visiting this place and talking about it in print and electronic media. Every 12 year, there is a grand ceremony called Mahamastakabhishek, and millions of people come there to attend it.

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