French air chief visits Jain Temple

JAISALMER: France's Air Force chief, General Polomoros, visited Indian Air Force's forward airport here. India is getting defence assistance from many countries and exchanges strategic activities. Gen Polomoros visited the airport as part of such an exchange.

The air chief also visited tourist attractions here. On Thursday he visited important tourist spots, including Sonar Fort. He was impressed by the architecture of Jain temples and the king's place at Sonar Fort.

There are 7 Jain Temples in the fort namely:

Chandraprabhu Temple - the first temple that you will encounter within the Jaisalmer Fort, with an upper gallery contains over 100 different images of Parasnath

Kunthunath Temple - known for its sensual carving and early 16th century facade

Parasnath Temple - home to an exceptionally beautiful gateway (torana) entrance and an impressive painted ceiling

Rikhabdev Temple - dedicated to the Lord Rikhabdev, who was actually the very first of all the Jain 'tirthankaras' (teachers of spiritual enlightenment)

Sambhavanth Temple - located in the main courtyard and used by Jain priests, who came here to grind sandalwood

Shantinath Temple - close to the Gyan Bhandar library and dating back to 1536

Shitalnath Temple - dedicated to the tenth Jain 'tirthankar' and featuring a large metal image

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